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AEG and their subconsultant, Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. currently provide Phase I data collection and reporting services for traffic counts using Miovision technology at intersections or roadway segments for 12, 24- or 48-hour periods for various locations in District One.  This includes classifications by Passenger Car (PC), Single Unit Truck (SU) and Multiple Unit Truck (MU), and in some cases may require pedestrian, bicycles and motorcycle counts as well.  Raw intersection traffic count data are generally provided to the department in both electronic and hard copy formats as required by the department.  The video files produced are also provided to the department in a downloadable and viewable format off the Internet or through a cloud based system acceptable to the department.  Electronic intersection traffic count data are submitted to the department within ten days of completion of the count.  Hard copies and video files are delivered on a monthly basis. Work orders under the blanket agreement are typically negotiated and authorized by the department on an as-needed basis.

AEG also assist the department with crash data retrieval, crash summaries, collision diagram preparation using Intersection Magic software in order to prepare or modify most of the collision diagrams. AEG staff also checks the police reports, tabulations and collision diagrams for accuracy and conformity with the crash tables and collision diagrams.

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