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AEG provided professional construction management services for the Illinois Tollway ITS improvements project extending along 5.2 miles of I-94 from Mile Post 13.6 (North of Route 137 – Buckley Road) to Mile Post 8.4 at Grand Avenue designed to alleviate ramp congestion on Grand Avenue. The scope of work included construction management of the following:

• Installation of new underground electrical duct bank and fiber optic cable installation.

• Splicing of fiber optic cable to existing Tollway backbone fiber optic system.

• Termination of electric and fiber optic cable inside Plaza 20 and M-4 Maintenance Facility

• Installation of ITS cabinets which houses the stepdown transformer, Cisco IE-3000 switch, MOXA NPort serial device server, DIN Relay, terminal blocks, surge suppressors and gator patch panel.

• Installation, calibration and site testing of ten new pole mounted CCTV cameras and MVDS units.

• Coordination with Tollway ITS maintenance and Tollway Traffic and Incident Management Center (TIMS) Operations Center for system integration and burn in

• Installation of two warning flashing beacon breakaway assemblies and signs.

• Installation of Type II 18 character full matrix, full color high resolution LED Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) including DMS controller cabinet which houses Cisco IE-3000 switch connected to Tollway single mode fiber optic network with two Cisco Gigabit Ethernet SMF SFP modules with LC connectors, Corning WMO-85 patch panel, shelf mounted UPS unit, DIN relay and electric distribution panel.

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