AEG’s Aviation’s section is experienced in the design and improvement of airport facilities, runways, taxiways design and construction management including earthwork management at O’Hare International Airport.. Increasingly complex issues in planning, design and construction required a comprehensive understanding of project delivery needs in order to resolve and mitigate during all phases of each project.

AEG’s expertise in Aviation services include:

• Engineering Design
• Quality Management
• Design Review Management
• Construction Management



Natalia Homedi, PE
(847) 753-8020

Airside Services:

• 3D Geopak Modeling
• Runway / Taxiway/ Infields/ NAVAIDS Grading Design
• Earthwork Management
• Construction Staging / Perimeter Fencing
• Roadway and Appurtenances Design
• Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
• Watermain Design
• Site As-builts
• Record Drawings

Landside Services:

• 3D Geopak Modeling
• Grading Design
• Guard Post Design
• Roadway Geometric Design
• Drainage Design
• Parking Lot Design
• Site As-builts
• Record Drawings

Project Types:

• Runway
• Taxiway
• Taxiway Rehabilitation
• Perimeter Road
• Cargo Road
• ARFF Road
• NAVAIDS Grading
(localizer, glide slope antenna, etc.)
• Guard Post
• Perimeter Fencing
• Cargo Facilities
• Warehouses

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