Natalia Homedi, PE

Founder, President and CEO

Eyad Homedi, MD, PE

Executive Vice President & COO

Pascal G. Luciano, PE, SE

Executive Vice President, Rail and Structural Engineering

Stan Wang, PE, PTOE

Executive Vice President, Transportation

Zia Khaliq

Vice President of Construction,
Surveying and Traffic Data Collection

Terrence Shanklin, PE

Vice President of Construction

Robert Thoma, PE

Transportation Manager

Basar Civelek, PhD, PE, SE

Chief Structural Engineer

Behzad Amini, PhD, PE

Director of Transportation

Karie Koehneke, PE

Director of Railway and Civil Engineering

Roark V. Rogers, PLS

Survey Department Manager

Jeff Kraines, CPA

Controller, Director of HR

Plamena Georgieva, CPA


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