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Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
Professional Design Firm
Professional Engineering Corporation
Professional Land surveying Firm

Illinois Department of Transportation (DBE)
Airports – Construction Inspection
Airports – Design
Highways – Freeways
Highways – Roads and Streets
Hydraulic Reports – Pump Stations
Hydraulic Reports – Waterways: Complex
Hydraulic Reports – Waterways: Typical
Location Design Studies – New Construction/ Major Reconstruction
Location Design Studies – Rehabilitation
Location Design Studies – Reconstruction/Major Rehabilitation
Special Services – Construction Inspection
Special Services – Surveying
Special Services – Sanitary
Special Studies – Location Drainage
Special Studies – Traffic Signals
Special Studies – Traffic Studies
Structures – Highway: Advanced Typical
Structures – Highway Simple
Structures – Railroad
Special Studies – Traffic Signals
Transportation Studies – Railway Engineering

Indiana Department of Transportation
Traffic Data Collection and Traffic Forecasting

Illinois Capital Development Board
Civil Engineering
Construction Management/Program Management

IL Central Management Services (FBE)
Specialty Areas: Services, Engineers – Civil; Services, Engineers – Traffic

City of Chicago (WBE)
Specialty Areas: NAICS Code(s): 237310 – Construction management, highways road, street and bridge; 541330 – Construction engineering services; 541330 – Engineering consulting services; Land Surveying

Chicago Department of Transportation
Prequalification in Professional Transit Design Category 00

Indiana Department of Transportation (DBE)
Construction Management; Civil, Structural, and Traffic Engineering; Traffic Forecasting; Traffic Data Collection 

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDBE)
Specialty Areas: Transportation and civil engineering studies and design, Construction engineering services, Hydraulic and hydrologic studies, Construction inspection, Traffic studies

Ohio Department of Transportation (DBE)
Specialty Areas: NAICS Code(s): 237310 – Construction Management, Highway, Road, Street and Bridge; 541330 – Civil Engineering; 541990 – Technical Services Related to CEI

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