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AEG is committed to creating sustainable, positive impacts: Innovate, Empower, and Collaborate.


Aspire to be an Industry Leader who promotes and implements responsible development of sustainable, vibrant communities by maintaining the highest standards of social, professional and environmental responsibility.


• A company where vibrant, life-long careers are established

• Team members are mindful of personal responsibility; no-excuses attitude and follow-through on commitments

• Build Teams who understand success is driven by proactively establishing the foundation and elements critical to the success in every situation

• Build Teams which are proactive in planning and collaborating effectively, engaging with a focus on ethical responsibility to efficiently resolve challenges

• Team which understands that foresight and active planning in the initial stages of a project positions the Team to ensure success

• Collaborate to benefit the Team with a positive attitude toward any challenge, ensuring consistent success by inspiring each Team member

• Create an innovative, creating learning environment where each individual seeks input and is encouraged to learn and collaborate


• Connect and grow relationships by being a partner who is trusted and accountable

• Value the Diversity of Team Members to foster creativity and an innovative, collaborative environment

• Expect each individual to take personal initiative and apply professional ethics

• Expect Team members to possess personal accountability to honor commitments and implement effective, results-driven decision-making

• Nurture Team Leaders who innovate, create and make a positive impact on their Teams by instilling confidence in their Teams

• Motivate Teams to proactively ensure consistent, successful outcomes on every project

• Initiate management and collaboration across disciplines for effective solutions to challenges

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